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North Country Psychic Girls

by Pang Attack

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Monk Song 05:13
Drag the robes up from the bank Oh the river was white and cold as hell. I know, I know, I know We brought you to the city. You're like a bad-luck raven. You'd drag a stone down faster. Oh you told so many lies In your quest to part her thighs Give up your lust. Come low in the dark With the lowest of men Try not to weep Beneath the neon (Group chorus) Saintly, saintly, saintly eyes See the dreamers in disguise Light falls through the veil Ah ah You tow a vow across a highway You pull swans through the snow I know, I know, I know You're a feeding frenzy The reasons why we toil Oh why we put ourselves in prisons It's so no faces will appear Above our shoulders Come dream in the dark With the wretchedest man Far from the crowds And the fast-food matrons Come pray in the dark Clean sheets in a motel A shower of sparks And a fading echo You try to run from the canon You turn your back on the form Oh I kno, I know, I know You fear it 'cause it's still You enter huge cold countries You sank your money into shame Orange slivers of her light Keep piercing through the night And make you sing Come low in the dark With the lowest of men Try not to weep beneath the neon.
Two mystics in the evening Grave silence through the skies Clairvoyance doesn't suit you Skulls rattle in your eyes Far, far away All these spirits swirling, clamour, falling Through the seas of noise They'll snatch your body down Arch and wait You're so green and hopeful Tramping aimless Smoking through your thoughts Inside these hollow towns Your true love will destroy Feet steady through the maze His plumage won't seduce you Skulls dancing in your eyes Arms of decay Oh you snatched his cigarettes And hid inside the chapel By the mossy riverbank Laugh and delay Furtive pixie stealing coins And dodging trouble from his loins You'll push the tides away Years go by All these spiritis shaking trees And hiding with the greatest ease They'll weigh your branches down Stranger's song Oh you plunged into the dark Through the great showering of sparks And found the key again Stranger's song
Many times you've been truthful Many times you've told lies And though the deep wound was crucial And though your smooth hands were tied Oh you drank the poison And it cleansed out your mind Oh you should bow down to her In the strange, strange light In this dark humid dawn Of our ease Let's meet down by the graveyard In its grove by the ocean A surreal life all in mist built Upon things we couldn't see Oh we found a fortune Though we wasted our time It's been a brute's life for ages Though a warm life inside Cut your ties Burn your clothes Sell your dreams Drive through the night With your hair out the window A photo of the free For your captors
Invaded Head 03:24
Oh you've got your golden veils You will be born I'll drive north for days Just to see them burn Oh it seems you're not so free But you're my wind and you're my sea We'll be rolling in the blackout The moon's on fire Oh you see the handsome devil in his lair Plotting 50 lashes for his heir Oh it seems he once was free To search for suns beyond the sea But change came quick The shadows crept The moon's on fire See the prayers strain the face Of this rigid man Longs to drive his nails Through ghostly hands There once was law out in the streets But nature's rule is in the seeds We will build until we burn Break your vows, come to my bed Invade my head Your alabaster limbs Could raise the dead Walk barefoot down to the Rhine The greatest bloom's before decline Hear the banshee raise her voice The moon's on fire Come all you devils dance, break a sweat for me
See her soul climb the skies: All the ancient songs of the ancient seers Will bleed through yesterdays Lazy idlers drifting through their hazy Mental river scenes all morning Glory of your rags, of your aching and seething Now it's barefoot through the evening wilds As a child you'd go outside of time Oh Mary There was glory in your ragged ways Stand up in a northern town Stare at faded pictures of the sun You ran circles around all your suitors Oh you dropped each and every trembling one You'd see gold in shadows Boats in the harbour knock their hulls together Gently sway against the rising tide But you lost your urge For that one last crucial fight Dark noises rose up fast from the abyss You stood on the edge You got drunk on its breath Oh Mary There was glory in your ragged ways
Mr. Mandible 06:10
See the dogs in the clearing They bare their teeth for some meat If it's a question of violence You'll bend your knees in defeat Oh Lord Please put the air back in my lungs Oh Child You had that grin, you had that swagger Now you know your place Pretty houses in silver They beckon fools here to fail You think a lost tribe is noble? I dragged my heels so we wouldn't ever meet But Oh Lord Know that the pain in your heart It pleases me Now you pray They build a fire And it burns hot enough To consume your mistakes Oh that Caribbean beauty She worked your fucked-up sense of duty A dirty flag in the sun Now you're back to where you started. And your flamingos are flying Out to that bank-robber's haven. You're all junk bonds and cheap stocks Now I see you on the fringes. They call me Mr. Mandible. I snatch the jaws off the jaws Of defeat. They say I'm somewhat intangible I'll bring the fog to your dirty little street. All rise You once had beauty, you once had grace Now you pay me tribute. Feel free But know the pain in your hearts It leads back to me.
Hope Nights 04:42
Come run through the grasses Come free up some trust All day By the penitent mirror Where we can be nearer. In the Gold Supermarket Through this night that destroys Strange light Through the cheap things you buy See a girl who adores As she falls. Thirty years of grey weather Turned around in a day The furies, the lynch mob They're all here. Through the landlocked confusion And the ominous wind Take these night scenes And these pitiless buildings where Fires burn muted for Love. It's all ours. You sweep through our fields of vision With a merciless gaze. Things we dreamed up Thoughts we unleashed Can't put them back again. Dreaming boy grabs her skirt hem Palms the hair lit fluorescent If it's real then we should fake it once again 'Cause it's all fading.
I've been running more every day It's a symptom of Oh, you know... I've been rubbing people the wrong way lately It's this desire to please, oh it cuts both ways You saw what they did to the girl When she bared her true thoughts They lynched her high I've been running away I've been running away From time and dementia Time and dementia 14 months since I got high Oh just try and imagine that Now I'm dreaming about the country But it's an idealized country I know it does not exist Over there the people are so grumpy Driving their shitty cars Doing their domestic dramas And yet, and yet, and yet I fantasize about all that space About a back yard and All of the guns All of the guns I would never shoot I've never shot a gun Deep down I get it Though I dream of romance In a hot, hot country There's people burning in hell right now But I forgot my identity or something And I forgot my identity or something


Pang Attack's 2016 release, "North Country Psychic Girls".


released September 9, 2016

Recorded by Jace Lasek at Breakglass Studios, Montreal, Canada.

Mixed by Jace Lasek at Breakglass.

Mastered by Ryan Morey at Greymarket, Montreal.

All tracks by Pang Attack, lyrics by Alex Hackett.

Strings on tracks 2, 3 and 8 by the Kate Maloney String Quartet.

Saxophone on track 2 by Erik Hove.

Trumpets on track 5 by David Carbonneau.

Extra guitars on tracks 5 and 6 by Joe Yarmush.

Bass on tracks 1-7 by Michael Felber.

Cover art by Mandi Morgan.


all rights reserved



Pang Attack Montréal, Québec

Fuzzy northern soundscapes for introspective souls. Montreal's Pang Attack is Alex Hackett (guitar, voice) with Yann Geoffroy (Drums) and David Clark (Bass, keys).

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