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Sleepy Fell Down

by Pang Attack

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The Jaguar 07:27
You wait for the last shapes To burn through this dark hazy dawn You watch the red sparks Rise up like devils, then they're gone You dream of burnt girls That fall from the skies, through the fog You see the last trees Bend through the green, icy smog.
Sylph 03:12
And then you say and then you run And then it's over the ground to the dusty oceans You're in another world, now And then you dream it and you feel it And it's over the ground to the dusty mazes I'm in another world, I'm in another dream I'm in another dimension I'm in another world, now And you say it and you greet it And it's over the swirls To the blinding feedback I'm in another world I'm beneath the ocean And then you run and then you run And yet the rupture it keeps on growing Over the horizon You're in another world You're in someone else's body You're in another dimension You're in another world Now
Feet in the snow Snow of the Spanish courtyard We go so low Low in the Spanish courtyard All these bird-like women Dancing naked In the blue of the dawn All these bird-like women We'll start to grow Step out from shaded war-zones Constantly cold Cloaked in the shaded warzones Closing on home You trade in Golden Faces All these bird-like creatures Taking prisoners In the blue of the dawn All these bird-like women Another super-moon ritual We'll drive the men up here mad We'll wasted another day Picking through the wreckage of the bay Forgotten wives in the lazy tides All these bird-like women Lighting fires In the blue of the dawn All these bird-like creatures Dancing naked In the blue of the dawn
Don't be shy child Raise your head and clench your fist Love does not exist Your time in the wild It made you pretty solid Oh it made you pretty quick Love is so much shit I don't know what to do I've been around the world and I can't find you There's people in the sky And they're flying 'round my head I've seen you in my dreams Oh but I guess you're playing dead Bathe in daylight Late to work they won't see fit To listen to your grief Blood through the trees You crane your pretty neck To see the man, a rugged wreck Until then there's no peace 500 souls ago You begged the local shrines To give you freedom from the snow Wisdom on the ground and strength to kill your vanity Now it's been so many lives And still you can barely see Fix your skirts child Walk past the chimes the summer's grit Too young, no, you're not fit Think of the time Prometheus was just a child No fire, but no vultures I don't know what to do In this waking life I sought out All the spirits that were you Spirits underground and Shadows far ahead of me Now I'm oh-so-very cold And still I can barely see
Many times you've been truthful Many times you've told lies And though the deep wound was crucial And though your smooth hands were tied Oh you drank the poison And it cleansed out your mind Oh you should bow down to her In the frail, frail light In this dark humid dawn Of our ease Let's meet down by the graveyard In it's grove by the ocean A surreal life all in mist built Upon things we couldn't see Oh we found a fortune Though we wasted our time It's been a brute's life for ages But a warm life inside Cut your ties Burn your clothes Sell your dreams Drive through the night With your hair Out the window A photo of the free For your captors
On your knees You will receive The blessings of the witches All you breathe Oh You'll give right back To the witches Find your ease Oh in the wreckage A drowning sun Warms the seas Loyal bones You'll cloak your pride For the witches And you know These slow deceivers Moving at the slowest pace Across a wide green river Across a wide green river In some violent place On your knees You will receive The judgment of the witches Fever's gone Oh but you remain The Eastern wind In a hungry show And you know We might start sleeping Through the white noise We are receiving Slow deceivers Moving at a furious pace It's all ash For the witches
Gulag 03:01
Sound waves come From cool marshland snows Two men toiling as darkness grows Hey, you're alone Hey, you're alone now There is no hope There never was, nor will there be Your will is gone Your big loves are past You wake at dawn Hey, you're alone Hey, you're alone now


Sleepy Fell Down (2015) is the 3rd release by Montreal's Pang Attack.


released April 16, 2015

All tracks except for 2 and 7 recorded by Alex Crow at Crow's Nest Studios, Montreal, August-November, 2014.

Tracks 2 and 7 recorded by Alex Hackett at home.

Mixed by Alex Crow and Alex Hackett.

Home-mastered by Alex Hackett.

Album artwork by Mathilde Corbeil.


all rights reserved



Pang Attack Montréal, Québec

Fuzzy northern soundscapes for introspective souls. Montreal's Pang Attack is Alex Hackett (guitar, voice) with Yann Geoffroy (Drums) and David Clark (Bass, keys).

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